Dec 07 2011

2nd place for Santa’s Media Queries!

Category: CSS,HTML5,JavaScript,Web Developmenttuxie @ 12:53

Santa's Media QueriesI’m happy to announce that my demo Santa’s Media Queries got the 2nd place on October’s Mozilla Dev Derby!! =)

(Read the announcement)

My first big surprise was to see the number of hits the demo was getting, never thought that it could attract so many people. At the time of this writing it has received 1744 views and 35 likes. Never expected that.

My second (and biggest) surprise was to find out that from all the excellent submissions (I mentioned some in a previous post) mine got to be in the top 3. It’s such an honor.

What makes it even more special is the people who chose it. Let’s take a look at the judges:

And the prize is a beautiful laptop messenger bag, something I’ve been checking out on ebay recently, but this one is *way* better than what I intended to buy =)

It’s perfect.

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