Nov 10 2011

RubyConf Uruguay 2011

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Next 11th and 12th November is this year’s RubyConf here in Montevideo. This time I’ll be giving a talk about how to apply the MVC pattern on the client-side.

About the event

I enjoyed last year’s conference but the truth is that I couldn’t get much from it. It was intended for people with previous Ruby knowledge and there was little left for the rest of us.

It looks like this year’s schedule covers a wider range of topics and levels. In their website they promoted it as an event to attract developers from different areas, specially Java.

The Java strategy

In my opinion going after Java (and it’s satellite enterprisey languages) developers is a good strategy. It would be hard to convince people from other languages with a solid web foundation like Python or PHP to move to Ruby where you can basically accomplish the same tasks, and what matters most is how well you know the language/framework.

However, web development with Java is hard and bloated. Tools like GWT are an approach to attract the hardcore OO programmers to do web. This is wrong, Java and JavaScript share 4 characters in their names, the C-like syntax and little more. They are based on completely different paradigms.

So I think that for Java developers looking to do web it would really make a difference to switch to another language like Python or Ruby.

About my talk

I’ll be talking about JavaScript. As I have never written a single line of Ruby this is one of the few topics I could propose and that they’d be interested in.

The title of the talk is “Anatomy of a SPA: Client-side MVC“. It’s an introduction to applying the pattern on JavaScript by the use of the Backbone.js library. I’ll starts by explaining the MVC pattern and when/why it’s important to apply it in your application, then I’ll shows what are the tools Backbone.js gives us for this. It will be more about concepts than actual code.

I have prepared many jokes, some flamewars and naked people. That’s a proven formula for success.

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